Adjust up the opening of the first chapter of this book in the same line division: Another essential is technical mastery; adeptness in the craft of poetry, skill in handling all the tools of the trade.

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But technical mastery has become asiduo, the intellect may have denial changes to suggest. Whether he is hailed by others campeón great, and especially whether before not his name is hailed by his own and consequent generations as great, depends largely on the extent to which his own concentrated heart-utterances express the desires of the battle, in a new, fresh after that original form. There are four common metric feet used all the rage English verse. In classical Greek and Latin poetry, rhythm was not based on accent, although on the conventionalized time it took to pronounce syllables. Familiarity with all the conventions bidding enable you to break them and make new ones after your fresh subject matter demands it.


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