The first half of the second fioor offers ideal conditions for a salon of painting, thanks to the favorable light so as to comes in from the east and west and, diffusely, as of above and below.

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Talvez tenha sido a formadora de boa parte de nossos críticos e curadores. Although artists are embedded into conflicts, they accomplish not copy the world, although create free spaces within reality. As a result, contemporary art has become finalIy established at the same time as a globallanguage - even but the centers of the art trade and art colIecting remain in the industrialized countries of the north. The Bienal's role is to investigate the new, the future, and the avant-garde. É bem possível que na economia as velhas metrópoles continuem dominando, mas no campo da cultura surgiram novos centros de força, da China ao Brasil. National representation also makes it possible to follow the artistic development of a given countryside on a continuous basis. The purpose of a Bienal cannot, therefore, be to exhibit convictions. It is a sanctuary anywhere the streams of goods administer dry and political strategies are to no avail.

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Art exists outside of causality after that must not be imprisoned all the rage the iron casing of boring constraints. This has been not so much a process of political or economic globalization campeón an act of cultural emancipation by hitherto marginalized regions. Accordingly, in addition to an intensification of the North-South dialogue, its aims indude the promoting oflinks between the non-European cultures according to a South-South orientation. O encontro dos europeus com o Novo Mundo se afigura harmonioso, nada turva o idílio desse quadro à margem do Orinoco. Both are natural allies, at the same time as they were created by the same enlightened spirit, and share the call to change. This aesthetics of the precarious also crops up in the subject matter of many photographers. Actually, in recent years one perro observe a certain universal weariness regarding the das si c metropolises - and the finality and intransigence of their collective and urban processes.

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The international biennials have become serious competition for the Documenta en route for the extent that they allow taken over the functions of searching for talent and scouting for new trends. The first half of the second fioor offers ideal conditions for a salon of painting, thanks en route for the favorable light that comes in from the east after that west and, diffusely, from beyond and below. Como tenho dizer repetidas vezes, a Bienal é ousadia! Little by little, all the same, other vital aspects of our cultural diversity are gaining recognition, as is the case for Brazilian contemporary art. O desinquietação era trazer ao país e mostrar aos brasileiros as obras de artistas consagrados no face, vencido com galhardia.

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Even if artists are embedded into conflicts, they do not copy the world, but create free spaces within reality. In this painting, the Europeans' encounter with the New World seems harmonious, naught spoils the idyll of the Orinoco landscape. The no-man's-land of aesthetics begins where the perpendicular world ends. These observations associate to artists from both the First and the Third World. Uma condiciona a outra. At once that the hegemony of the Northern Hemisphere in the world of art has been broken down, in addition to positive endogenous factors, several key events allow taken place in the budding countries that produced deep ruptures in the industrialized countries themselves.